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The Party 1992
From left to right: AlfaTech/Triad, Rioter, Jonez

2 a.m. in the morning at McDonalds in Gothenburg. We had to spend the night there before our trains left.

Rioter to the McDonald's Employee: "I'll just test my computer screen..."
Continued coding on the European Top 20 Special Party Issue for awhile, before McDonalds realised we're stealing their electricity and throw us out.

An Anti-McDonalds production where then in the works!

(And on a side note, AlfaTech got pushed around by a security guard at the Gothenburg central station later on that night when he fell asleep as well as Rioter got harassed for stealing electricity... again. Needless to say, we were not that happy about Gothenburg either.)

Photographer: Slim
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Shape & TRC 1989
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CRB & IT 1990
CRB & FLT 1991
Horizon 1991
Swiss Internal 91
Cebit 1992
The Party 1992
The Party 1993
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The Gathering 1996

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Photos from various events, parties and meetings Equinox members have participated in.
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The Party 1992 - #01 The Party 1992 - #02 The Party 1992 - #03
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The Party 1992 - #13 The Party 1992 - #14
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