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Equinox - Amiga Demo Group
Equinox - Amiga Demo Group

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The History of Equinox - Amiga Demoscene Group

Equinox was a group in the Amiga scene, with an active period between the years 1987-1996 with numerous of talented members and releases during this time.

The Powerlords Years

We didn't use the name Equinox from the start, in the first years, from 1987-1990, we called ourselves The Powerlords or sometimes The Powerlords Corporation, which consisted of sections in Sweden, Norway and UK. During those years we released quite a few demos and intros and started to get some recognition in the scene.
At the end of 1990, just after we had organized The Powerlords and Aurora Amiga Halloween Conference in Motala, Sweden - The Powerlords were about to break up. Some members did have some short adventures in other groups at this time, and the group started to dissolve.

Equinox - A Fresh Start

In December 1990 the former organizers of TPL UK (Tripwire), Sweden (Rioter) and Norway (Ray) had a telephone conference and decided to keep the best members from The Powerlords as well as recruiting some new talent from Scoopex and Tristar / Red Sector and change the group name to Equinox, and from that day The Powerlords were reborn as Equinox.
We were a motivated team at this point and quickly started working on our first release to announce that Equinox was born. A few weeks later, in January 1991, Leviathan was released and things started to move forward again.


The former TPL organizers kept their positions in Equinox; Ray in Norway, Tripwire in the UK and Rioter in Sweden. A few months after Equinox had stepped into the scene the group expanded with a Finnish section in April of 1990, organized by Procyon and a Swiss section in June of 1990, organized by Duke.
For a short period of time we also had a large French section, that got kicked already after a few months because of lack of productivity.
Towards the end of 1993 due to people doing military service and other events Rioter took the role as the overall organizer for all sections of Equinox using Total Overdose (World Headquarter) as the repository for all members when working with upcoming releases.

The Productive Years

Equinox thrived for almost half a decade, releasing new products on a regular basis. Demos, intros, musicdisks, diskmags, charts, packdisks, utilities and even a wild demo towards the end. There were always quite a few productions in the pipeline, unfortunately not all got released to the public and some that were released have been lost in time, like Rioter's Electronical Disaster Trackloader demo and the Technical Input Wild Demo.
All in all, even though being spread over different countries, Equinox was a tight team during these years with regular internal meetings, attending all the major copy parties and demo conferences over the European continent, combined with regular phone conferences with most of the involved group members.

A few milestones during these years that people from those days still remember were the release of the European Top 20 chart and disk magazine, the Sonical Fantasia music disk and the In A Dream demo.

In 1992 the Finnish section left to form Stellar.

In 1994 D-Luxe released the CD Physiology together with Lizardking of Razor 1911.

Boards - Bulletin Board Systems

Until 1993, Equinox was a pure demo group, but then we started to grow at large in the trading and BBS scene as well. Lots of traders and some of Sweden's biggest boards at the time joined Equinox. Our primetime chart and diskmag, the European Top 20, reflected this by having lots of board scene related categories and articles.
The Equinox World Headquarter, Total Overdose, was operated by Rioter on a multi node dial in system.

Equinox had the following AmiExpress boards during the years:

  • Total Overdose (World HQ) - Sysop Rioter
  • Zoomed Reality (European HQ) - Sysop Zool
  • Rapid House (European HQ) - Sysop Rapid Angel
  • Traders Paradise (Scandinavian HQ) - Sysop Macroman
  • Repulse (Swedish HQ) - Sysop Silencer
  • Ice Palace (Swedish HQ) - Sysop XStaz
  • Techno City (Swedish HQ) - Sysop Terminator
  • Traders Island (Swedish HQ) - Sysop V-Cut
  • Psycho Terminal (US HQ) - Sysop Whiz
  • No Limits (Canada HQ) - Sysop Diskomate
  • Motown (Finnish HQ) - Sysop Dope
  • Atlantica (Norwegian HQ) - Sysop Mr.Nico
  • Wonderland (Norwegian HQ) - Sysop Black Angel
  • A Different World (Swiss hq) - Sysop Fineline

The End

In 1994, many of Equinox members had came to the age where they were leaving school, finding careers, and had little time or interest left for the scene. The group was slowly dying. At the end it was mostly the Norwegian members keeping the group alive, led by Ray and Vip. They released Prejudice at the Gathering 1996 which ended up being the final Equinox Production.

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